Intimys® | Set of 5 Reusable Sanitary Napkins

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Packages according to your needs

(Non-contractual photos: The patterns and colors are chosen randomly among our numerous ranges)

Each pack contains a maintenance and use guide.

- ESSENTIAL: Pack of 5 Intimys® (size 20 cm x 18 cm | 2 layers) + 1 practical airtight pouch. Effective for the first periods (teenagers); light flows; spotting and weak urinary leakage.

- INDISPENSABLE: Set of 5 Intimys® (size 25 cm x 18 cm | 3 layers) + 1 practical airtight pouch. Suitable for women with a normal menstrual flow; and medium bladder leakage.

- TRANQUILITY: Set of 5 Intimys® (size 33 cm x 18 cm | 3 layers) + 1 practical airtight pouch. Ideal for the very abundant flows; and the more important urinary leaks. 



No more classic sanitary napkins that are expensive, pollute the planet, and put a hole in your wallet!

Our Intimys® reusable sanitary napkins keep you comfortable all day long. They are an incredible protection against flow, urine leakage, or bad odors. They offer an extraordinary well-being thanks to their comfort, they do not irritate the skin and are very discrete. You will almost not have the impression to wear them!



Who wouldn't dream of saving over £5000 for doing shopping? With our reusable sanitary napkins that's how much you'll save compared to regular napkins. One woman represents 14,700 pads in one lifetime, which is more than £5,000, whereas with our pads, one is enough for several years. By choosing our pads you make an incredible saving!



By choosing our reusable towels, you are reducing an incredible amount of waste, helping to protect the planet and doing something responsible for the future of our children. A batch of our towels can be used for several years, thus avoiding important costs, and reducing your waste at the same time!




- Ultra absorbent: Thanks to our new absorption technology, you won't feel any discomfort or leakage and you'll be able to enjoy your day safely! Much more absorbent than a traditional sanitary napkin.

- Adapt to bladder weakness: Our Intimys® also protects against bladder weakness, it also absorbs odor and moisture very well.

- Adapt for young people: Young girls of all ages can also choose our reusable sanitary napkins, just choose the right size.

- Easy washing and maintenance: A simple rinse in cold water before washing at 40° in the machine is enough to maintain your towels and keep them effective for several years.

- Ecological and economical: Choosing our sanitary napkins is both a gesture for you and your health but also for the planet and your wallet. 

£29.99 £59.99
You save £30.00 (50 %)